I enjoyed the workshop. Specially the part where it was told us that the trade will be made after multi-confirmation. I liked this concept of Multi-confirmation because the trade we do is confirmed whether it will be profitable or not and by when, i will receive the benefits of it.

Paramjeet Singh

Till date, I was trading with the strategy of high trade and low trade. But after the workshop I learned about ‘Entry Level Trading and Exit Level Trading’ about which I had no idea. But when sir told about it in the workshop, I got to know when is the good time to entry and when is the good time to exit.

Amit Pathrabe

Actually, I am a fresher. So I don’t know anything much about trading. Here , I got to know that I can make good money from trading as well and sir taught the concepts very well. It was an awe inspiring experience now I know where to buy and where to sell and what should be my target for next purchase.

Shashank Ghosh
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