Retailors Loose Money in Stock Market

If I ask Retail Investors, how many of you lost money within the stock market? I can guarantee that out of 10 retail investors; eight can say yes. In my opinion, Rest 2 is lucky enough to take a position in RIGHT STOCKS. The experience of my readers is kind of surprising sometimes. Here I would wish to clarify that I’m investigating Retail Investors who generated returns less than Fixed Deposit returns as a loss to the investor. For simplicity purposes, I will be able to quote the examples of Mutual Funds that are perceived to be safest by the Retail Investors. 

Retailers tend to lose money in the stock market due to 3 major reasons

  • Lack of knowledge:

This is the primary reason why stock market investors lose money. Traders often tend to invest in the stock market with very less or no knowledge at all. Before investing in stock market investors should always study the stock and analyze the market trend this will help them achieve better results. Technical Analysis can help traders understand market. Traders after education can predict the right market move. This will help them to get better results.

  • Wrong timing:

The entry and exit timings in the stock market are very critical. The investor should keep track of timing while investing in the stock market. I have Published multiple screenshots of students asking me sell and buy positions on my social media channels. We as investors tend to become greedy at times, it is not wrong to be greedy but there is a right time for everything. The time of entry and exit says a lot about profit earning in stock market.

  • Analysis:

I have always taught my students as well as followers that Market analysis can make trader the king. Analysis can help you understand the right support and resistance point in the stock market. the support and resistance point help traders to understand the buying and selling points of a particular stock. Once a trader has good grip over these support and resistance point it is way easy for them to understand market and prevent themselves from loss. Traders can learn these analysis trick through technical analysis.

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