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Agrawal corporate is institution of Technical Analysis learning, whereby we deliver the cutting Edge Training to people willing to make money or career in Financial Market. We make professional in Stock Market (cash, future), mcx and currency


  • Emphasising on the knowledge program on stock market from 15 years since 2003.
  • Providing the best Technical Analysis Learning by one and only Advanced pinpoint predictor
  • Personal attention to every student with lifetime support by mentorship program. Where we provide one teacher for your help and support
  • After every workshop and online class we Emphasis on to a open platform of live webinar session for any queries and problem( Dought clearance session)
  • We are running our workshop and online classes at the PAN India level

Who we are?


Stock Management is something which seems extrmely technical, but it is not. It is this misconception, that individuals get scared and thus withdraw from the market; sometimes at moments when they were about to get rich. But, once an investor or an individual gets to know about the tricks of trade in stock market, it doesn’t seem that tough anymore and the fear is minimised.

Though it is not a hidden fact that people do lose money and the market (any kind) does not come without risks. These people, who have faced the atrocitites of the stock market, who have lost money but gained much more, who have experienced the depths and heights of investment for more than 14 years, are involved with Agrawal Corporate and have been guiding a considerable population of individuals who have limited knowledge about trade.

We are a Wealth Management and Advisory Service Provider who have served about 2 Million satisfied investors across various business segments. Our experienced professionals have been focusing on giving personalised attention to each and every one of our clients with carefully planned and interactive sessions: Online and Offline. The dedicated team of Senior Wealth Managers of Agrawal Corporate, work closely with individuals to provide independent financial advice by trading with lifetime free Demat account. To be patient is to invite profits.









Our core values


Agrawal Stock has unwavering take on innovation in the every aspect of stock market, be it technology, process, ideas or devices to give our customers most advanced, convenient and efficient services on stock investment. WE ensure that our clients or people associated with us stay hassle free with their money. 

Profitable Selection

Agrawal Stock is known to deliver the best industry tips on Stock market analysis to it’s client. We don’t make our clients to stay afloat on the information; we ensure that they have the in-depth knowledge of investment and market. Hence, we believe in swing trading with medium terms for maximum benefits.  


Speed is most important facet in stock investment. The faster the information flows, the faster one gets to investment in them. Agrawal Stock doesn’t rely on data to be processed and then be delivered. We have our ears and eyes in the market and that’s how we provide tips. 

Learn & Earn

We make you learn everything related to investment so that you can earn instantly without any glitches while doing BTST/ STBT. Agrawal Stock always recommends not to use any software for calculations or watch market analysis on daily basis for stock selection process.  

Single & Standard Targets

Our customer can reach us on call or chat via various social media platforms to know which is the perfect single and standard target for them. We work on single trade and showcase the profit received out of it to everyone as an example. Agrawal Stock teaches making entry SL TGT with multi-confirmation. 

Stock Selection Power
Agrawal Stock believes in pure practical knowledge about Stock and their selection. This is the reason why they focus on trading on Intraday Basis without watching market analysis on everyday basis. To resolve the issue, we provide lifetime of our premium tips to our clients and associates.


Independent Financial Services

Services Rendered

Agrawal stock has conducted more than 100 workshops on Investment related topics. Every month, an online batch starts to make others learn & earn through stock investment.

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